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A Great Week

Monday- Family Time

After recording two new songs with a DC producer, Unknown, I went up to my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Maryland to spend the night. We talked life, split a few beers and I got a chance to play with my little cousins (not in that order). The boys are starting to get really good at lacrosse… but they still can’t get past Leighton.

Tuesday- Connecting the Dots

I spent most of the day relaxing in a cloud of a bed. A few hours before I left Maryland to volunteer as an ESL teacher in NW DC I got a call from work with good news. We won a project that will give me 8 months of full-time coverage being a designer and producer of an audio program that will teach English as a foreign language to all of Latin America. As I walked around the classroom later that night helping fifteen adults properly pronounce numbers I began to see the bigger picture. Following your interests and being confident enough to wait for the right opportunities has been my recipe for the real world so far.

Wednesday- When In Texas

After my first day on the job I went out to a bar in Georgetown with about 15 people from work to take advantage of some happy hour specials. Once the food and beer went back to normal prices we headed to a salsa club downtown. On the walk to the bar we ran into a girl who one of my friends knew. She told us the tale of a hotel party down the road with an open bar, free food and live music. The stumbling woman outside the metro station guided us to a formal event for the people of Laredo, Texas. Luckily, I come equip with a southern accent and good manners so I put on my imaginary cowboy hat and started getting down with the mariachi band. Yehaw, never miss an opportunity to see a handle-bar mustache.

Thursday- Sweat It Out

Once a week I play basketball with the homeboy Ron at a gym behind the pentagon. In between listening to high school and college kids argue about fouls we actually get about five or six games in. I’ll be that old guy at the YMCA in 20 years with knee-high socks… ball so hard!

The Weekend- Got Game?

I spent the weekend grilling out with some friends from high school…

playing frisbee golf…

and kicking the soccer ball around on the national mall.

I also spent a considerate amount of money on celebratory activities at different bars around town,watched a lot of the ACC tournament, went to a house party called Canadian Tuxedo Ball (a denim themed event) and wrote four new verses. I’m loving DC and can’t wait for the summer to come.

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