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Producing E*L*A* (Englis*h for Lati*n Americ*a)

I spent last month working with a team of 4 people coming up with a curriculum for teaching English to spanish speakers, developing characters for a radio drama, working with music producers to come up with songs and transitions and recording actors bringing the scripts we wrote to life. That all got me ready for this week.

Tonight should be my last all-nighter for a while.  Gracias a Dios. We have been working around the clock trying to get the first five lessons of English for Latin America (ELA) completed. Last Friday they began piloting our programs in Colombia to get feedback for revisions. Words can’t express the joy I felt when I got online today and found two videos in my dropbox of kids in a classroom on the coast of Colombia laughing, dancing and most importantly, learning from our programs. It put a special type of fuel in my tank to push forward as files go missing and my mind gets lost in the 40 minute long audio program. The path to knowledge is fraught with conflict. Keep going.


These programs have 12 segments. There are over 50 tracks in each session! They are made up of a game show, american idol show, soap opera and much more. It’s a very interesting tool we are creating. It’s a beautiful mix between sparking a child’s imagination, using music to place an idea in their head (inception is possible) and helping a teacher teach a subject they don’t understand. With all that said- I can’t wait for this fifth program to be done.

Then we’ll just have 95 more to do… in 3 months.

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  1. Erin

    This is so awesome. What an amazing opportunity and blessing for you to be a part of this!!

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