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It Comes In Waves

A few weeks ago I walked out of my apartment and thought to myself, something has to change. I think the wind heard me.

You have to recognize and react to a feeling like that. It’s there to remind you that whatever rut you are stuck in is escapable. Stress comes into our lives like waves crashing onto a beach and escapes the same way, hitting us with enough force to take us off our feet but retreating without enough pull to take us with it. My life’s a beach but my castle isn’t built out of sand. The tide only reminds me I’m human.

Spend time with your family and friends. If you ever really fall they’ll be the ones around for you. But this feeling that hit me as I watched the sky catch on fire wasn’t like that. I just knew there was more to the experience.

Happiness is a cup that has many straws.

A happy man doesn’t rely on any one thing to make him that way.  You should never have to try to smile but you should always be looking for excuses to do so. Don’t waste time blaming time. Strengthen your body and mind, the sharper you get the easier it becomes to carve out the life you want.

I’d like to think that the storm that came barreling through DC on my birthday was sent to push my sail. We walked out of the restaurant once the rain and wind had died down to find trees bent across streets and half the city without power. The tide had risen and turned my city back into the swamp it started as. Health and happiness came with the morning sun.


I woke up on the morning of my 26th birthday in the basement of my grandfather’s house and released the album I had been working on for 2 years, Smoothie. I walked upstairs with a big, stupid smile on my face to have breakfast with my grandparents from both sides of the family. We went out and met up with my aunt and little cousin to have lunch. Later in the afternoon we went into the city and had dinner with some friends. The parents left after the crazy storm died down and we went out… with Ev in the trunk. The next day I had a show on U St. and I’ve been coasting ever since. 

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