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La Luna- A Tribute To The Rumba

Yesterday was the last day of carnivals in Barranquilla. This week of parades and parties is actually just the grand finale of music and colors to an entire month of festivities. Being in Quilla for these celebrations was a memory I will never forget. The following is a song that these carnivals birthed and some pictures to go a long with it.

La Luna is a song about a party in Colombia that I went to on top of a mountain right outside of the city. Everyone was 100 percent in the moment, enjoying each other and the setting the world provided. Abandoning all self-consciousness and surrendering to the now is a natural high that has no parallel. When you feel like this the moon is your dancing partner and the clouds are the floor you slide on. We danced on those clouds to Cumbia, a traditional Colombian music, the entire night. This was the first chorus I wrote in spanish and translates roughly to:

The moon, the moon, it’s only the moon and I

The clouds are my cradle, dancing to this beautiful cumbia

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