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A Good Day

Today I played basketball with my little cousins, did a few hours of work from a very comfortable bed, got an email with two new songs I did with my best friends in Colombia, took a nap after a free lunch, volunteered at Sacred Heart as an ESL teacher to basic level students and won a proposal that will give me 8 months of full-time work doing something I love.

It was so nice to get back into a classroom and work with people who are enthusiastic about learning. It made me really miss my old students. I love teaching but don’t see myself doing it until much later in life. The contract we won today is for producing another audio program that teaches English as a second language. We will get to create a curriculum, produce songs and chants, develop a story that is entertaining and educational and travel to Latin America to train teachers and implement the program. Imagine if your favorite show could teach you another language… that’s what I’m hoping to create.

I got a lot to figure out but even more to look forward to. Times are hard but life is great.

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  1. Sandy

    Is nice to read you…

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